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An academic project by the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture and sponsored by Vectorworks Inc. and ComputerWorks, the Case Study Houses book explores new digital tools for today's architects. 

Digitally remastered

Redefinition of modern living

The Case Study House program ranks among the most influential and innovative projects in American architectural history of the post-war period and has lost none of its fascination even today.

The experimental designs of renowned avant-garde architects such as Pierre Koenig, Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, Raphael Soriano and Eero Saarinen succeeded in presenting unique houses that completely redefined the concept of modern living.

3D modeling with Vectorworks

New digital planning tools including CAD and BIM are available for today's architects. The necessary foundation of using digital technologies is the 3D model, from which all relevant details for later planning processes can be derived such as technical drawings, visualizations and BIM data.

The Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture used the Case Study Houses as part of an academic project, in which the students learned how to use these new digital planning technologies. The book shows their digital designs and unveils the underlying methodology of 3D modeling with Vectorworks and visualization techniques with Cinema 4D.

Case Study Houses & BIM

Based on the CSH #22 - Pierre Koenig's Stahl House - the publication explores the planning process of BIM with Vectorworks.

Various Building components of the 3D-model are linked with IFC-Data and thus provide information about quantities, materials, energy consumption and cost estimation.

Download the Vectorworks file including the IFC-data and explore for yourself the underlying techniques of BIM with Vectorworks.

Create your own project

The book serves as an inspiration for new architectural ideas and promotes the use of digital technologies in the design, visualization and realization of such concepts in creative and innovative ways.

For this purpose we offer the 3D models (3D-PDF) of the Case Study Houses as downloads in order to try out novel approaches to individual projects and interpret own ideas of modern living today.

Download Case Study Houses

TIP: In order to view the 3D-PDFs of the Case Study Houses you have to use Adobe PDF Viewer for Mac and Windows. You can view the houses from different perspectives, rotate them and switch its different components such as the roof and furnishings on and off.

"Let's begin with man, with respect, compassion and love for the individual - or we'll never get anywhere."

–John Entenza, Editor-in-chief of Arts & Architecture-

About the book

Case Study Houses Buch

The authors

Marco Hemmerling teaches and conducts research as Professor of Computational Design in Architecture at the Cologne University of Technology, Arts and Sciences. Previously he was Professor at the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture. 

Markus Graf is Research Assistant in the Department of Computer Aided Design at the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture. As an architect, he has gained extensive experience in the application of BIM. 

Sponsored by

The publication was made possible with the support of Vectorworks Inc. and ComputerWorks' international Academic Research Grant project.

We support projects of students and teachers which play an important role within the academic field or society. We are always looking forward to receive applications of creative and innovative projects which we can support with our Academic Research Grant.

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