FAQ: connectCAD

01. What do I need to run connectCAD?

connectCAD uses the award-winning program Vectorworks as a CAD engine and can work on Mac & Windows. connectCAD uses an external CAD engine because systems design isn't just about cabling - you also have to integrate with the physical world. You need a good CAD package for this anyway - Vectorworks combined with connectCAD connectivity tracking provides you with an integrated solution at an excellent price.

Vectorworks is a powerful 2D / 3D CAD program that is very easy to use and quick to learn. connectCAD and Vectorworks share the same philosophy - we keep simple things simple. This let you get your work done quickly without having to read an entire manual. But advanced features are there when you need them.

02. Licensing

Each purchase of connectCAD adds facilities to a single Vectorworks seat and includes an initial support period. During this period you get access to free updates and our assistance with any problems relating to connectCAD.

03. If my support expires what happens?

connectCAD will continue to function as installed on your computer and you can keep on using it. At the end of the support period you can upgrade to newer version at a reduced price.

04. Our Warranty

We want you to be happy with us. We are confident that you will love connectCAD but if for any reason you are dissatisfied tell us why within 30 days and we will refund your money. All we ask is that you tell us in reasonable detail why you are unhappy so that we can take action to improve our product and give us the opportunity to resolve the problem. If we can't fix the problem we refund you. Please contact connectCAD if you have any questions.

Contact connectCAD

05. Which Vectorworks version can I use?

Our policy is to keep connectCAD compatible with the current version Vectorworks and the previous one. See the product page for details. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Vectorworks - you will see many benefits in performance and features. When you buy the latest version of connectCAD we provide you with a free connectCAD upgrade when the next version of Vectorworks is released.

06. Can I use connectCAD on a Mac or PC?

Yes! connectCAD is embedded in Vectorworks and is fully cross-platform. The installer runs from within Vectorworks and is the same for Mac and PC.

07. Can connectCAD / Vectorworks work with AutoCAD?

Yes! Vectorworks has excellent .dwg import and export.

Our experience is that most .dwg files import very nicely into Vectorworks. Going the other way back to .dwg is slightly less intuitive because connectCAD uses Vectorworks facilities that are not present in AutoCAD. AutoCAD file formats keep changing from year to year and Vectorworks file import/export follows these changes but it sometimes takes some months to catch up. So if you are using an earlier version of Vectorworks you clearly can't expect it to open .dwg file formats that were not then in existence.

Practically this is hardly ever an issue, because you can always ask to have the AutoCAD file saved in an earlier .dwg format which you can open with your Vectorworks. This compares most favourably with the cost of paying for AutoCAD upgrades every year.

08. Is there a demo version of connectCAD?

We find demo versions are ineffective, they sit on peoples' computers and don't get properly evaluated. Our warranty is a much better solution. We take the risk of purchase for you for the first 30 days. So there's no chance that you can buy connectCAD and regret it.

But it's also very useful to have a conversation with us about your needs and the capabilities of our software. We're very happy to answer all your questions so contact connectCAD if there is anything you would like to discuss. We've also put lots of information about the product here on the site and you are also most welcome to register on our support site and browse through our online help.

Contact connectCAD

09. Is connectCAD useful for me?

Quite probably. connectCAD in principle can be used to design any system that consists of a number of connected things, and people do this... we have even seen drawings of museum exhibits with compressed air and water pipes and the electrical signals used to control them.

10. Does connectCAD work in my language?

connectCAD is available in English and German and applicable for Vectorworks 2016 and 2015.

We rely on the facilities of Vectorworks - if Vectorworks supports text in your language then so will connectCAD. Since connectCAD is built primarily in Vectorscript there are some limitations in handling unicode text. So if you want to use connectCAD with the drawing text in for example Hebrew, first contact your Vectorworks distributor to see if your language is supported by the application.